September 19, 2017

Storage vs Security


What are we after when we store things that are vital or important to us? Security. Energy is no different. Security is confidence, comfort, and rest of mind. Its the proverbial warm and fuzzy feeling.

For many, energy security is embodied in the generator. Generators are nice because they are easy to set up, however they cost money to run and gasoline seems to without fail be in short supply during the emergency scenarios when the need of generators is greatest. We all remember the feeling we had as we pulled up at the gas station before a major storm and find the pumps bagged-up and out of order because of hordes of people on panic-driven gas runs.

For many others a battery system offers us our security solution; it is usually fed by a fuel source that we can rely on even during emergencies. The trouble with battery systems is that they are not exactly simple to the lay man and when they are they are expensive.

What would a middle ground battery/energy security solution look like for us? It would be simple. It would give us access to some storage but not so much that cost careens out of control. It would utilize a simple and perhaps autonomous method for replenishing and sustaining itself while giving the home enough power to run critical loads. It would also be easy to activate in emergencies.

Solutions are on the horizon.



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