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Humium Energy sells, designs, installs, and maintains solar energy systems for residential and commercial applications. The logic behind a choice to Invest in solar energy is a lot like buying in a home. A financial benefit of purchasing a home is doing away with rent. The financial benefit of owning a solar energy system is doing away with a utility bill which will lower one’s long term cost of living.

Grid-Tied Solar System:

A commonly used phrase in the industry is “Grid-Tied”. This refers to a solar energy system that is interconnected with the local utility grid as shown in the picture. This allows energy to be transferred from the panels on the roof to the inverter and from there either to the home or grid so that all energy demand is met either from just the solar system or both the solar system and the grid.

Solar 101

Grid-Tied System: Simple

Grid-tied systems are generally simple to implement and are inexpensive compared to other kinds of solar energy systems. Thus grid-tied systems are highly recommended for people whose main motivations for getting involved in solar are purely financial. The billing is simple as well, the utility company simply bills the homeowner for only what they cannot locally produce with their solar system.

This billing arrangement, called Net-Metering, works because of a bidirectional meter that runs in reverse when power is produced by the homeowner’s system. Grid-tied systems also blend well into the lives of their owners as they require little user maintenance. If you are interested in this kind of system, Let Humium Energy make it happen for you!