February 19, 2018

Solar Tariff


So you may have heard about a solar tariff, lets talk about that. Here is a quick run-down.

It is essentially a fee (starting at 30%) on the cost of solar modules or solar cells and will decrease by 5 percent every subsequent year. It is currently in effect and its final year will be 2021.

Tariff Breakdown

Analysis by different sources (such as Energy Sage or Greentechmedia) tend to converge on an additional 3%~4% (about $650) as its impact on the total cost of a solar project. A cost increase of 4% leaves options for how different segments of the solar industry can respond in order to keep as much of that away from home or business owners as possible.

The good news is that on the manufacturing side of the industry prices will continue to decline the way they have been for at least the last 20 years. On the application side of the industry, you can rely on us at Humium Energy to use our different tools and options to optimize your project so that your solar investment is as profitable as possible. We’ve got your back!


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