March 13, 2017

Solar Service


Lets talk about service. How much maintenance do solar systems really need? Is this covered in my solar system purchase? Do I need to do anything?

When designed and installed well solar systems require very little service because they have very few moving parts. However, when service is required rest assured that there are plans that spring into effect. All major system components are covered by product and performance warranties.

A product warranty protects the products from physical defects or issues, unaffiliated with the system owner, that would affect the performance of the system. An example of a product warranty claim would be a product that was damaged during shipping to our facility. A performance warranty protects the performance of the product within acceptable parameters. An example of a performance warranty claim is a panel that although unshaded consistently under-performs. A workmanship warranty protects the installation and ensures that it was done properly and correctly.

The major components of Humium Energy solar systems are covered by 25 year warranty. For example, racking, panels, and inverters are protected by a 25 year product and performance warranty. These service products, combined with Humium’s workmanship warranty allows us to meet all of your service needs.

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