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Why Solar Attic Fans?

This question can be decomposed into two questions:

1. Why attic ventilation?
2. Why make attic ventilation solar?

Because of the attic’s position above the home, heat often is trapped in its space. Over time this heat, as well as excess moisture, begins to wear down the structural framing in the attic as well as even introduce mold growth. Attic ventilation guards against this by gently assisting the venting of warm moist air out of the attic space while cooler dryer air is simultaneously drawn in from the soffit vents.

Solar Attic Fans:

By making an attic fan solar powered we are making the air circulation process follow the solar cycle, turning on in the morning and off in the evening. This is exactly what is needed since it is the sun that causes the heat build up. Also attic fans can lower attic temperatures by as much as 20° F and air conditioner demand by as much as 6%, saving homeowners money and energy. Read this article for more information!

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