April 30, 2018

Large Residential Systems

What if your roof space is not large enough to fit your solar system or you simply would prefer to place it elsewhere? There are a myriad of options in this situation, but lets take a look at three common ones: Ground-mount systems, Solar Pergolas, and Verandas.


Ground-Mount SystemsgroundThe ground-mount solar system is the least expensive of the three options because of its simplicity. Most ground mount solar systems can be assembled fairly quickly after the posts have been set. A great benefit of this option is the accessibility of the system. After snow falls one can simply brush it off the array to keep production going. Another great benefit is that since it is a separate structure from the home it can be oriented directly south at the perfect angle. Visually however, it does not quite fit the environment unless one has a plot of land larger than average so that it does not stand out. Because of this many home owners associations do not allow it, but in rural environments they are common.

Solar PergolasPergolaThink of the solar pergola is as ground-mount system in which the frame is wood instead of steel and aluminum. It is a bit more complex than the basic ground-mount, but what the pergola lacks in simplicity it makes up in aesthetics that allow it to fit into the residential setting. Its dual purpose of renewable energy and shade allow the pergola to be located over the back porch or deck so that the yard remains open for the kids to play. Pergolas are a very common addition to homes, and because of this few home owners associations will take issues with it. Finally, its proximity to the home makes it possible to integrate electrically with minimal landscaping.



The Veranda is essentially an extension of the roof structure of your home. This option is for those that seek a solution that looks less like an addition and more like part of the original house. The veranda matches the color and material of your home’s roof but retains the openness of the pergola. A major benefit of the veranda is that tilt angles for ideal system performance can be used (whereas most pergolas are flat). There are also many variations in style and detail that can be incorporated to produce the ideal and aesthetic appearance. Like the pergola, with its close location to the home, landscaping is minimal.

Of these three options, the direction that one chooses to proceed can be influenced by any number of factors that constitute a priority such as cost, aesthetics, landscaping, or solar system performance. At Humium we will work with you to find your ideal solution and make it happen!


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