October 23, 2016


Energy is something so basic, so primal to our way of life. It allows us to multiply our capabilities; because of energy we can do everything from cooking to advanced manufacturing in the form of 3D printing- all in the privacy of our homes! While we are well aware of the amplified capacity that is granted to us by reliable sources of energy, unbeknownst to many is that energy is also an investment.

It is one of the most untapped sources of prosperity. Consider this, a welldesigned solar photovoltaic (PV) system has an annualized rate of return on investment (ROI) of 10% ~ 14% and can yield as much as 15% per year over its lifetime. On top of all of this, the returns are independent of the state of the economy and mostly risk free. There are no mutual funds, savings accounts, CDs, stocks, or bonds that can offer this to an investor.

And the best part? It’s avaiable to all home or business owners. You do not need to be in a special group or organization. You do not need to have any particular political affiliation. You do not need to have any special connections in finance that feed you news on where the market is going or where you should move your money. You only need to tap into your local business establishment that takes advantage of 21st century PV technology to design an honest and transparent, value-generating opportunity for you. Humium is here, for you.power-sympol

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