May 25, 2018

Duke Energy NC Solar Rebate


Recently Duke Energy announced a solar rebate for North Carolina customers. The rebate is intended to help home owners, businesses, and non-profits cover the up-front expenses for solar systems.

Here is how it works: No more than 90 days after the installation of the solar system, the installer sends in an application on behalf of the customer that is then approved by Duke Energy. The rebate is allocated at a rate of 60 cents per installed watt for residential projects, 50 cents per installed watt for business projects, and 75 cents per installed watt for non-profit owned projects.

Max Rebate Available
1. Residential – $6,000
2. Commercial – $50,000
3. Nonprofit – $75,000

For example the owner of a 10 kW residential system would be awarded $6000 ($0.60 X 10000W). Duke Energy has funded this program with $62 million dollars with the goal of tripling ownership of solar systems in North Carolina, but the funding will dwindle rapidly as people, businesses, schools, and churches use this incentive. Contact us for details or if you want to find out about how much you can save!


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