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Humium Energy is a NABCEP Certified residential and commercial solar energy company based in Charlotte, NC.

What We Stand For:

We believe that the world’s most powerful element is human creativity. It is the responsibility of each person to in some way use this force to the benefit of the community. This means that our community depends on us as individuals. We believe that solar energy is good for the community both economically and environmentally. Thus if you want many people to do good things you have to make doing good easier. We take a dynamic, organization-level approach to the solar question that yields solutions that are simple and affordable for everyday people. Humium will sell solar systems with integrity, plan with transparency, and execute your project with accuracy.  Your problems are our problems.

Our Motivation:

The world is changing rapidly. As the peak temperatures climb, we want to make sure energy bills do not. Events such as Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Sandy also underscore the importance of energy security for families and communities. We offer products and services that address both challenges, all while reducing carbon footprint. With us, your power is your profit!

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