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June 4, 2017

Future vs Present

Solar City

I do not talk to people about renewable energy all the time, but whenever I do I’m attentive to their perception of it. Considering all the conversations I have had, one phrase protrudes: “The future”. We tend to believe that renewable energy is the future. I understand that it is wicked cool that we are literally transforming something as ubiquitous and ordinary as light, wind, heat, or rushing water into energy as a commodity, but is it really the future? The technology exists now. The people with the knowledge, the factories churning out rugged and tested products, the logistical infrastructure, supply chains, and the raw materials…all of it exists now.

According to the World Bank 55% of electricity produced in Denmark is renewable, 49% in Ecuador, 22% in China, 62% in Canada….CANADA (in fact Canada can be 100% renewable by 2035 according to some estimates), and 64% in Ghana. These are not lofty goals to give people a warm fuzzy feeling, they are production levels from 2014. The reality is the future that we all seem to be imagining is here and all around us. Renewable energy is not the future, it is the present.

About 14% of America’s electricity is produced renewably. This is mostly because electricity demands are so high in America, but the world average right now is 22% and that of high income countries is 20%. Can we get there and even exceed the average? You bet. How do we get there? A good start is understanding that we ARE the Jetsons. The future is now, and we can only rise as high as our vision.

Lets aim high, get in gear, and win.

June 1, 2017

Getting Ahead with Solar Energy

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In this post we will be discussing how to get ahead with solar. Investing in a solar system is a great step, but what do you do after it is paid off? What you do with the profits that are generated every month is what will mark you as a winner. Most people do not think this far ahead. Below is a simple 1-2 punch that allows you to not only retain your momentum but grow it!

  1.  Find out the annual dollar average of what your system is offsetting in your electricity bill. This number should be provided on your sales contract. You can also calculate it from your electricity bills.

  3. The number you looked up in step 1 is what your budget will have in surplus every month because of your system. Take that amount of money and put it somewhere where it is difficult to access quickly. You could put it into your retirement fund, stocks/bonds, etc, anything that tends to grow over the long run as long as you pick one and stick with it.


And that’s all there is to it! The most important thing to remember about getting ahead with solar is that you do not want to simply “eat” or consume your profits by living in excess. Behave as though the profits did not exist at all. This is not difficult to do but does require discipline. Mind over matter guys! 😉