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December 30, 2016

Why Humium?


There are 206 solar companies in North Carolina. After the last post you may be wondering, “Why Humium?”. Besides us being the hottest thing in the industry there are three additional compelling reasons for you to go with us.


  1. Structure/Expertise
    Most of our competition is directed by salesmen.  We have sales engineers, and every one of them has experience in the solar industry in various levels and capacities from installation all the way to sales. For us, it makes for an interesting workplace. For you, it makes for a simpler and more genuine process. Our sales engineers prevent many miscommunication, design, and even installation issues by positioning that knowledge at the tip of the company process. Above all, engineers are obligated to uphold safety of the public, workers, and clients as well as uphold the financial interests of the client. Anything we sell must pay itself off in a timely manner. We are in your corner.
  2. Technology
    While most of our competition has paired themselves with a particular equipment manufacturer, Humium has chosen to remain flexible to take full advantage of the industry which is evolving technologically every day while prices are decreasing. We have access to all the information needed to produce the best solution for you.
  3. Philosophy
    At Humium we make it no secret that we are partisan in the environmental discussion. Our philosophy is simple. We believe that the state of the community depends on the individuals within it. Owning solar energy systems is good for the individual and the community both environmentally and economically. We also believe that if one wants people to do good things, the process must be made as simple and inexpensive as possible. It is with this philosophy as a guide that the company was built from the ground up.

This adds up to an agile company that offers you great opportunities to invest in a solar system!

December 17, 2016

Begining the Solar Process

So you have decided that you want to further explore solar energy for your home or business. Where do you go from here? What are the next steps? You should have a consultation with your energy consultant about your home or business, decide your goals for buying a in solar energy system, collect a list of potential companies in your local area and begin contacting each company for competitive quotes.

Energy Consultant Visit

An energy consultant is an individual or company hired to reevaluate every aspect of energy usage within the home, business, or organization and seek solutions for making it more efficient. The reason that it is highly recommended that you consult with this expert first is so that the size of your system (and hence the cost) is minimized. Tell the consultant that you intend to go solar and want your home or business to be efficient. Before going solar you want to ensure that your windows and doors are well sealed, there are no HVAC duct leaks, your roof will be in good condition for the next 25 years, and that you are using LED bulbs just to name a few things. The consultant will recommend all necessary improvements.


Goals for Solar System

Different people have different goals for going solar. Some are in hot pursuit of reducing their energy demand from utility by 50%, 65%, even 80% while others may be after a system with energy storage capacity for critical appliances in emergency scenarios. Still others are perhaps intending to go off-grid. Whatever your goals are, you want to pencil them out privately before even talking to any solar energy firms in order to properly ground yourself for budgeting expectations. For most people, the reduction of energy demand from the utility company is the their immediate intention.

Collect a List of Solar Energy Companies in Your Area


After your goals are set in place, you need to put together a list of companies that you want to bid for your system. There are some 206 solar energy companies in North Carolina. Sometimes local companies offer the best solution, but other times not so much. All companies have a distance limit beyond which they are no longer be interested in selling you a solar system. The best way to know whether or not you are close enough is to give them a call. Each company on your list will then write you a proposal for the cost of your system.


Finally, as a more general reference, download for yourself a free copy of the solar consumer’s guide written by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory:



December 9, 2016

An Energy Storage Solution!

Many people know about the Tesla Powerwall. Another opportunity for people to explore is the Enphase AC battery. Some may prefer this option because of its modularity, lower and safer voltage level, lower price, software integration including with your solar system, etc. Over time, as even more options will open up, know that Humium Energy has your back in identifying the best solution for your home or business.