March 24, 2018

2 Reasons To Go Solar During Spring

An early Springtime morning, deep in the English Countryside, and the sun shines down through the beech trees onto a carpet of bluebells.

When is the best time to install a solar system? If you read the title then you probably guessed it: Spring!

There are two main reasons why Spring is the best time to install a solar system, and the first is production. Power is a combination of current and voltage. During winter solar system voltage increases significantly, but shorter days and lower radiation levels yield low current. Summer is the exact opposite with low voltage and high current. Spring and Fall are the perfect medium. What makes Spring better is another weather phenomenon: rain. The regular incidence of rain keeps the panels cleaner and boosts production, making Spring the ideal time.

The well balanced weather patterns previously mentioned have a two-fold effect. Cool spring days make for very comfortable installers, installers that can work faster because heat-related hazards such as heat exhaustion, dehydration, or roof burn are much smaller concerns this time of year.

Spring will be here for about another month, while you enjoy the weather think about how much better it would be if you had a solar system pumping out energy for your home!


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