Why Humium Energy?

You deserve solar energy with integrity, transparency, and accuracy.

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Natural Energy

Use what nature gave you to power both your home and business every day.

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Clean Energy

Enjoy the benefits of clean energy on a system that is customized to meet your needs.

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Your Energy

Make your home more energy efficient and become a power producer in the process!

  • Start living with smarter power.

    Zero your demand from the utility company.

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  • “I have recommended them to a friend looking to pursue solar energy! 🙂 They were great. Quickly installed the system with ease. Completed the back end paperwork and applications in a timely manner. They even installed a energy tracking device in the home to help track energy production. Humium is doing great work in the sustainability and environmental field.”

    - Aaron P.

  • “Boom! We powered by the sun! …the entire team from Humium was professional and punctual, and communication was top notch. This company is in their early stages, but they know their stuff! Customer service is A+, and we would definitely recommend them to any home owner looking to save on their electricity bill with solar energy!”

    - Zach A.

  • “The system was a great investment for my family. The system cut my bill almost in half. I definitely notice a decrease in the electric bill.”

    - Priscilla L.

  • Turn your Attic into an Energy Saver.

    Learn how you can lower your energy bill and create a cooler home.

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